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Fake Unicorn, Real SXSWithdrawal 03.18.2009


Last year at this time I woke up in a lovely loft in Austin (picture!). This morning I woke up in my own stupid bed. Then I saw this dog and unicorn on my walk to work. What do they have in common with SXSW? I wish they both didn’t exist right now. Seriously, this is the worst street art I’ve ever seen. (Unless a child did it, in which case I suppose it’s adorable.)


I’m Going to Start a One-Girl Band Called Pity Party 03.17.2009

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As I’ve already mentioned, and will continue to mention until SXSW is over, I am not in Austin right now. This would be the day I would normally fly out, just before the Austinist/Gothamist party. Anyway, I walk by this colorful restaurant every day on my way to the office and since it reminds me of Austin I thought that maybe I’d have my own SXSW experience right here in DUMBO. You know, sit outside, talk to strangers, drink a margarita. In the end it would actually be a lot more cold, and a lot more like the movie Barfly.


SXSadFace 03.16.2009

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Me and AT went to a favorite, always empty Williamsburg restaurant tonight for dinner prior to him leaving for SXSW. Normally I would be going, just as I have every year for the past four years. But at one point there was a fork in the road where I for some reason chose not to go to Austin…and that was a huge mistake. I take it back universe, I want to go!