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Wolf Like Me 09.18.2009

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Revs 07.28.2009

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New Print 07.24.2009

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Jake brought in a couple of prints to the office from his last photography show, free for the taking. I snatched this one up!


Street(walker) Art? 06.30.2009

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Sometimes Williamsburg just confuses me.


Family Circle 06.22.2009

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Across from where I wait for the bus in the morning (next to the shark).


Is it? 04.28.2009

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I like this sad little patch of grass in DUMBO. And I like this get-off-a-few-stops-early-and-enjoy-a-long-walk weather.


No Rain 04.07.2009

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I always want to take a picture of this mailbox on the way to work because that girl always looks so damn happy, and seeing it always makes my nostalgically driven mind stereo play Blind Melon’s No Rain. Today I finally took a picture, but upon closer inspection it seems someone has put a sticker on her forehead that reads “I Am Gay, Too.” Oh, people.


Feelin’ Blue 03.19.2009

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“You know those days when you get the mean reds?”— Holly Golightly (that is her, yes?)


Fake Unicorn, Real SXSWithdrawal 03.18.2009


Last year at this time I woke up in a lovely loft in Austin (picture!). This morning I woke up in my own stupid bed. Then I saw this dog and unicorn on my walk to work. What do they have in common with SXSW? I wish they both didn’t exist right now. Seriously, this is the worst street art I’ve ever seen. (Unless a child did it, in which case I suppose it’s adorable.)


The Front Street Dalai Lama 02.17.2009

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Shortly after my mom died I flew to Portland, Oregon to be alone and far away from anything familiar. While I was there I met the Dalai Lama and saw him speak twice. I spotted this Dalai Lama head tonight on my walk to the bus, it’s about a half block from a Tibet Center in Brooklyn. I wonder where else in New York he is.