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The Roof, The View 07.08.2009

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Today there was a fire on the Manhattan Bridge, but it was just far enough towards Manhattan that I couldn’t see it. In fact, you’d look at this picture and never think there was a huge fire on a major NYC structure. Anyway, here’s the view from the roof at Gothamist HQ!


Rooftop Williamsburg 06.19.2009

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The clouds looked nice tonight.


The Chelsea 06.01.2009

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Woops, didn’t take any pictures today. Here’s a slightly blurry one from the last time I was at the Hotel Chelsea. Two of my favorite places in New York are the stairs there, and the roof there. I’ve been to the roof a couple of times (once to film John Vanderslice play a song for Gothamist)—there are adorable little houses built up there that are surrounded by twinkling lights and overgrown plants. It’s sort of this magical, hidden place that I can’t believe exists. (More photos here)


Outdoor Space 05.22.2009



I see these places every day. Neither are architecturally “my type,” but after getting out of work early for a long, sunny weekend, I was really jealous of their outdoor spaces. Sigh.