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Studio Time 08.30.2009

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Last night we stopped by the studio briefly after the backyard show in order to listen to something amazing. Also, my friend John who I’ve known since pre-school was visiting!


Backyard Show 08.29.2009

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I did a lot of things tonight, but one of those things was see Alex and Matt play accordian and steel drum in a backyard in Ridgewood, Queens. Two songs, and twenty minutes later we were off to Manhattan (for, sadly, a much less interesting show).


Sometimes… I <3 Queens 08.15.2009

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Even through fire escape bars, Ridgewood is so cute and colorful!


Reunited 08.14.2009

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AT finally got his grand piano back.


Sunny Days 07.18.2009

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Okay, I didn’t take any photos today. So this one is from the archives. Last year I was invited to Sesame Street, which was a big deal for me and I’ll always remember. Here’s Big Bird’s nest! Hasn’t changed a bit since when I used to see it on TV.


So This Is The New Year 01.01.2009

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New year, new blog?

This photo is one of the last I took in 2008.

Where: Ridgewood, Queens

When: around 11 p.m.

Why: This bellydancer was the special guest at a friend’s birthday/New Year’s Eve party. Why not?