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Piano (Wo)men 09.27.2009

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AT hosts a housewarming party (six months after moving in). This was one of the many sing-a-longs during the early part of the night.


Turning 33 09.21.2009

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Birthday party time!


Powwow 06.17.2009

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Zach and Brian have been hosting a series of Powwows. Usually there are three presenters—tonight someone talked about fancy airplanes, read from a book about China, and played the hammered dulcimer.


Garden Party 06.04.2009

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Confession: I have major outdoor space envy. As Curbed recently pointed out, “Private outdoor space is an intoxicating amenity—in fact, it made this Times writer give up an apartment twice the size of his current one in order to possess a 10-by-40-foot patch of grass.” I would do the same in a heartbeat. It’s funny that we all wish we had this little concrete jungle, where we could stand single file facing the BQE. I guess it’s the one thing we all left behind, privacy and greenery.


Last Night’s Wristband 05.28.2009

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This is what happens when I don’t take photos when I’m actually out.


Busy Night 02.25.2009

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Tonight, I…

…pretty much broke Paul Rudd’s heart…


…went to a birthday party where ladies only smoke when they drink…


…and saw a wheelchair that made me wonder where (when?) John Locke was.



Top of the Thompson 02.04.2009

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Went to a snowboarding party in the penthouse of the Thompson Hotel (LES) tonight…and braved the cold, cold balcony.


So This Is The New Year 01.01.2009

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New year, new blog?

This photo is one of the last I took in 2008.

Where: Ridgewood, Queens

When: around 11 p.m.

Why: This bellydancer was the special guest at a friend’s birthday/New Year’s Eve party. Why not?