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The Printed Word 08.24.2009

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Some of the books I’ve been sent at work … except for the Mind’s I and the Vampire Archives, which for some reason Jake was giving away.


Phoner 08.21.2009

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AT is interviewing Craig Wedren for us (his band is influenced by Shudder to Think, so it all makes sense, you see). This is happening right now, and I have a feeling he’s going to be in there for a while.


The Gov 08.19.2009

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The newest bobblehead in the office, straight down from Albany.


Bad Veins @ Work 08.06.2009

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Bad Veins came to play some songs at my office today. Will have video shortly.

UPDATE: Video here.


Monkey! 08.03.2009

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Someone sent me this monkey in the mail, so I briefly changed my desktop wallpaper for him. (Currently it’s back to this house in New Orleans that I have stayed across from twice now upon visiting. Sorry monkey.)


R.I.P. Handsome Desktop Wallpaper 07.21.2009

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Everyone, I am changing my office laptop’s desktop wallpaper. Goodbye James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. We had a good run.


Music Driveby 07.16.2009

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Say what you will about Third Eye Blind, this was a totally enjoyable lunch break at the office today. Stephan Jenkins really is one good looking man. Seriously. It is unfair how well men age. But sadly, he didn’t play Jumper for us. Why, you ask? Because our pal asked him to play some song called Motorcycle Driveby that totally doesn’t sound anything like Jumper at all. And he picked her song, leaving us wanting more. Always the way with those good looking men. Here’s what happened afterwards:

C: i saw him in the green triangle park outside of your office and was like, everyone hates me because you didn’t play jumper
me: what did he say?
C: “they didn’t like motorcycle driveby?????”
and then i tripped
it was all very embarrassing
he is so hot, i got nervous

Anyway, the ladies left with crushes are all fairly certain that he is the ’90s nostalgia pop version of George Clooney and will never settle down. Sigh.

UPDATE: Now with video (watch here)!


Jacques Torres Ice Cream Sammie 07.02.2009


For JDS’s midday birthday celebration at the office.


Dark & Stormy 06.29.2009

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Jake brought rum, and rum cake, back from his trip to Bermuda. It was actually sunny out today, for once, but we made some Dark & Stormy drinks anyway.


Pretty 05.26.2009

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Isn’t this a nice thing to see on the way into work? (Our offices are in that building right there.)