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Daylight Disco 06.10.2009

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This disco ball is just one of the many crazy things the owners of the apartment we stay at in New Orleans has adorned the courtyard with. I can’t tell if sunlight hitting a disco ball is sad or appropriate. Either way, vacation has come to an end [insert sad face].


Hurricanes 06.09.2009

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Pat O’briens may be a tourist spot, but the front bar is usually pretty empty, and their delicious drinks are fairly inexpensive. We tried a lot of them (that blue one on the left was, however, not good).


My Happy Place 06.08.2009

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The Tourist 06.07.2009

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I got to New Orleans really early today and figured I’d just sit at Cafe du Monde drinking a frozen cafe au lait while waiting for check-in time and for AT to arrive. This is what I found when I got there! I grabbed one from the take-out line and dragged myself and my luggage over to the apartment/hotel place we’re staying at, and hung out for an hour with the owner in the courtyard talking. He told me about his old lover who lived on Mott Street in NYC and how they used to light rings of fire around themselves to scare off the winos! He also told me where I could get a “real coffee”.


Packed 06.06.2009

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Heading to New Orleans in the very early morning.