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Good People 06.13.2009


Lauren, Aaron and Henry before the Gothamist/Brooklyn Based show at Northside Festival.

Henry put on one of the most amazing performances with an orchestra, after which Aaron picked up his iPhone and pretended to call the laser light guy he uses for Ghostland Observatory shows. “Forget what I said about not needing those lasers today!”


Frosting on the Beater 06.12.2009

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The Posies played their 1993 album Frosting on the Beater last night at the Bell House. Were they really considered a grunge band? If so, I disagree.


These Are the Nights of the Week… 04.04.2009

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After a week of not feeling well and not being social, it’s nice to get invited to a secret Apes & Androids show.


Another Saturday Night 02.07.2009

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After a delicious dinner at Dirt Candy, we went to hear some ivories be tickled in the East Village at this strange little place called 5C. The pianist in the picture (the one we actually went to see) was good, but the one he was alternating with nearly made me fall asleep when he played his “extensive” version of a song that was apparently meant to represent a tiger fighting a crane (except during the 20 minute piece there was nothing that even mildly represented this). More music followed at a party in RAMBO (Right After the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which sadly I didn’t manage to take any photos at.


Two Things… 01.30.2009

Ice skating


and Apes & Androids


make me happy.