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Shaking My Halo 09.03.2009

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Craig Wedren: You are amazing.


Studio Time 08.30.2009

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Last night we stopped by the studio briefly after the backyard show in order to listen to something amazing. Also, my friend John who I’ve known since pre-school was visiting!


Backyard Show 08.29.2009

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I did a lot of things tonight, but one of those things was see Alex and Matt play accordian and steel drum in a backyard in Ridgewood, Queens. Two songs, and twenty minutes later we were off to Manhattan (for, sadly, a much less interesting show).


Wolfe at Joe’s 08.28.2009

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Tonight I saw my friend Henry play at Joe’s Pub, a perfect venue for him! We were lucky enough to get a comfy circular booth in the corner, but it was hard to take photos during the show because I didn’t want to use flash and I don’t have much of a zoom. So here’s the aftershow afterglow.


Music Driveby 07.16.2009

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Say what you will about Third Eye Blind, this was a totally enjoyable lunch break at the office today. Stephan Jenkins really is one good looking man. Seriously. It is unfair how well men age. But sadly, he didn’t play Jumper for us. Why, you ask? Because our pal asked him to play some song called Motorcycle Driveby that totally doesn’t sound anything like Jumper at all. And he picked her song, leaving us wanting more. Always the way with those good looking men. Here’s what happened afterwards:

C: i saw him in the green triangle park outside of your office and was like, everyone hates me because you didn’t play jumper
me: what did he say?
C: “they didn’t like motorcycle driveby?????”
and then i tripped
it was all very embarrassing
he is so hot, i got nervous

Anyway, the ladies left with crushes are all fairly certain that he is the ’90s nostalgia pop version of George Clooney and will never settle down. Sigh.

UPDATE: Now with video (watch here)!


Weekend Stuff 07.12.2009


Last night I checked out some bands at Ash’s Place. Charlie Looker of Extra Life curated the evening (Skeletons, Our Brother the Native, Religious Girls, Extra Life).  I didn’t love all of the bands, but I had a sweet armchair up front that I wasn’t about to leave. I also really liked the venue, which was sort of part art gallery, part loading dock.


Today I went (with Ryan up there) to check out the first of this summer’s Pool Parties, which moved from McCarren Pool to the Williamsburg waterfront. I love the new space, the view, the water. The only issue (aside from lacking shade) is that you have to sit in this gated area if you want to drink, but the beer is free and it’s fairly close to the stage (though these things are only true for the VIP area)… so who can really complain? Can’t wait to see Dirty Projectors here next weekend! Today I only really watched Ponytail, because I keep trying to love them… but it still stands that I only love them when watching this video.


Accordion in Hand 06.14.2009

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Since I missed the beach performance earlier in the day, AT played me some accordion tonight.


Good People 06.13.2009


Lauren, Aaron and Henry before the Gothamist/Brooklyn Based show at Northside Festival.

Henry put on one of the most amazing performances with an orchestra, after which Aaron picked up his iPhone and pretended to call the laser light guy he uses for Ghostland Observatory shows. “Forget what I said about not needing those lasers today!”


Frosting on the Beater 06.12.2009

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The Posies played their 1993 album Frosting on the Beater last night at the Bell House. Were they really considered a grunge band? If so, I disagree.


These Are the Nights of the Week… 04.04.2009

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After a week of not feeling well and not being social, it’s nice to get invited to a secret Apes & Androids show.