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Goldfish 09.17.2009

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Things you see under the Manhattan Bridge.


The Roof, The View 07.08.2009

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Today there was a fire on the Manhattan Bridge, but it was just far enough towards Manhattan that I couldn’t see it. In fact, you’d look at this picture and never think there was a huge fire on a major NYC structure. Anyway, here’s the view from the roof at Gothamist HQ!


Archway from Above 07.06.2009

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One of the many nice things I get to look at from my office window, the newly reopened Manhattan Bridge archway. I want to throw a party in there.


Pretty 05.26.2009

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Isn’t this a nice thing to see on the way into work? (Our offices are in that building right there.)


Peeking Through 05.06.2009

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I love looking at the underbelly of the Manhattan Bridge.


It Looks So Insignificant In Comparison 04.24.2009

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I was very briefly obsessed with the Spacebuster when it got blown up outside of my office yesterday, but I’m over it now. Next toy please. I will, however, continue to be impressed by the Manhattan Bridge and the newly reopened archway.


Dumbohenge 03.23.2009

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A miniature Stonehenge popped up under the Manhattan Bridge.

Related: Stonehenge on Google Maps is pretty neat.

Phish related: the story of Gamehenge.