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Awkward 09.24.2009

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JDS and JK both wore brown blazers on this particular night.


Stylin’ 08.18.2009

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JDS has some pretty sweet shirts, but this may be my fave.


The Bowling Hall of Williamsburg 07.11.2009

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There was a media bowling tournament last night at Brooklyn Bowl—Gothamist was in 3rd, but somehow (rigged) Daily Candy kicked us out of our slot at the last minute.

P.S. All the free absinthe drinks in the world couldn’t get me to choose this alley over the Gutter. Though I will say it’s a gorgeous space, and the people who worked there were very nice… so definitely check it out. Plus they have live shows, which I’m sure I’ll go back for.


Dark & Stormy 06.29.2009

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Jake brought rum, and rum cake, back from his trip to Bermuda. It was actually sunny out today, for once, but we made some Dark & Stormy drinks anyway.


Juggling Break 05.18.2009

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Jake brought in a bowl of juggling balls today (he’s juggling five here)—proving that nothing can distract JDS from generating content.


Happy Easter from Brooklyn 04.12.2009

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I think the strangest thing about this photo is the amount of Rolling Stone magazines that are in our apartment.

P.S.: Please feel free to encourage The Roommate to update his weblog more often, lest it turn into a Quarterly.


Meet Link 01.07.2009

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This is Link, he lives in our apartment (rent free). He used to look like this.

To make some extra cash, the roommate used to do a lot of standing in the subways while painted in silver. He was featured in a documentary for this called Downtown Locals (you’ll see him around the 20 second mark in this trailer). When he wrote and performed in a play about this he had that cute puppet made, and painted Link (a co-star) silver.