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Pigeon Pillow! 07.31.2009

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Speaking of pigeons (which, despite all the attention they are getting here, I really find disgusting)… I think in 2005 my friend and old co-worker Alexis gave me this pigeon pillow as a birthday gift. It now lives on one of my colorful chairs.


Haute Chocolate 03.06.2009

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I bought these chocolates for someone else, but wanted to see if I could get an okay close-up shot of one piece. After I took this picture…I ate it! Don’t worry, the rest are safely tucked away in the chocolate box.

PS: These are Vosges organic peanut butter bonbons, which are made up of organic peanut butter + pink Himalayan salt + Maldon salt + milk chocolate.


All Was Quiet on New Year’s Day 01.02.2009

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On December 31st, 2008 I received a belated Christmas gift following New Year’s Eve dinner: a Casio keyboard! I used to play piano when I was younger, but of course can’t fit a proper one into my small Brooklyn apartment—so this is the perfect gift. Today I set it all up, but I need to buy an AC adapter, so I haven’t been able to test it out yet!