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Littlefield, Lots of Flowers 08.01.2009

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Last night I finally made it over to Littlefield for the first time. I love that place. These pretty flowers are out in the front patio. I should have also taken a photo of the most delicious drink ever (they serve it there exclusively, I think, and it was designed by the WD-50 mixologist I believe); it’s purple and called a Lavender Sour. Do have one!


Flowerless 07.29.2009

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This was my mom’s vase from the… ’60s I’d guess. I love it, but never know what kind of flower to put in it. So it’s always empty.


Fake Plastic Tree Flowers 04.21.2009

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I read somewhere once that fake flowers are bad luck. I wonder if sticking them into a real tree reverses the curse.


April Showers Bring April Flowers 04.08.2009

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As seen on my walk down Front Street to the office, after the rain, before the snow. Spring can be a cruel bitch.