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Din Din 06.16.2009

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Okay just one more food post: Grilled salmon with tomato jam and radish sprouts; mashed cauliflower; baby carrots and leeks. Leeks confuse me, I’m not sure how to eat them, but those carrots are so cute!


Wild Ginger 05.17.2009

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I’m not much of a “hey everyone, here’s a photograph of what I ate” person, and this isn’t particularly all that pretty—however, Wild Ginger makes the most delicious food in the world. So consider this a PSA. Sunday night dinner: General Tso’s Soy Protein. It’s vegan, but I’m pretty sure something this glossy can’t be that healthy.


Secret Gardens 05.02.2009

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This flowering tree sprung up in my favorite restaurant’s garden. I ate under it tonight. I like how in New York these secret spaces become like your own backyard.


Yum 04.03.2009

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After a week of being sick and mostly just drinking ginger, garlic, carrot, apple, lemon juices—tonight I treated myself to tacos! There was a seitan asada, a grilled veggie and a spicy tempeh. Sadly, I could only make it about half way through.


SXSadFace 03.16.2009

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Me and AT went to a favorite, always empty Williamsburg restaurant tonight for dinner prior to him leaving for SXSW. Normally I would be going, just as I have every year for the past four years. But at one point there was a fork in the road where I for some reason chose not to go to Austin…and that was a huge mistake. I take it back universe, I want to go!


Enlightenment and the Open Bar 02.03.2009

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Tonight I went to the Tibet House benefit concert (the National played two new amazing songs, and I sort of found Vampire Weekend actually enjoyable…but I credit the string quartet). Afterwards we were invited to the dinner party at Roseland which was possibly the best after party I’ve ever attended. No cameras were allowed so this was taken with an iPhone. Lots of dinner, lots of desserts, lots of open bar and a sweet gift bag (half of which I dropped/lost and now don’t really feel like talking about thankyouverymuch).