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Air Mail 02.01.2009

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This letter is from my dad to my mom circa 1970, when she went to visit family in Bremerhaven, Germany (her hometown). He wrote it when he got back from dropping her off at the airport.

Crinkly paper air mail letters are so much better than email.


Where Were You When… 01.20.2009

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While I wish I was standing with Chicagoist, 60 yards from Barack Obama at the inauguration—I was nice and warm in my apartment, working from home in Brooklyn. Still, the moment seemed bigger than anything I’ve ever witnessed.


When i was in Connecticut over the past weekend my dad surprised me by finally telling me who he voted for. I was getting worried he supported the McCain/Palin ticket, but then he pulled out the sign that he had apparently stuck in our lawn in Vermont during the campaign season. I was so proud I had to take a picture.