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Last Night’s Wristband 05.28.2009

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This is what happens when I don’t take photos when I’m actually out.


Oh Happy Day 03.24.2009

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Instead of getting all nostalgic, I’m going to go ahead and say this: I’m kind of worried about seeing Phish again. Not because of the band or music (albeit my tastes have slightly changed since selling hand blown glass and hemp), but it’s been a long time, and even towards the end I was getting really annoyed with the fans at the shows. A huge reunion tour like this, so many years in the making, at a concert on Long Island—there are going to be a lot of Frats and a lot of Family (aka the fans who refer to the people at these shows as their family/phamily). I’m just a little nervous (but optimistic).


I Purged the Wardrobe this Weekend 02.22.2009

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Even though I never wear them, I can’t seem to get rid of certain band t-shirts.

Pictured: Raising the Fawn, Tom Petty, Journey, Snowden, Cloud Cult, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, British Sea Power, Ghostland Observatory, Arcade Fire (which I got at their 2004 Mercury Lounge show—the first concert to inspire me to buy a shirt since…New Kids on the Block?).


Back to the Ball 02.12.2009

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I can’t really get into details right now because it would be a huge time suck, but let’s just say back in 1996 I took a few days off work from Subway sandwich shop in Burlington, VT (the one next to Nectar’s) and sailed across Lake Champlain to attend Phish’s Clifford Ball. Somehow we camped out in the Friends & Family section, which was pretty sweet, and I had such an amazing time that upon my return I hand illustrated and wrote a short story about the experience. I bound each book in hemp, and gave a copy to everyone I went with.

So as you can imagine, when I opened my mail at work today and found this, I was pretty excited to experience it all over again as an old lady. (Now I just need a DVD player, and a giant movie screen.)


Enlightenment and the Open Bar 02.03.2009

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Tonight I went to the Tibet House benefit concert (the National played two new amazing songs, and I sort of found Vampire Weekend actually enjoyable…but I credit the string quartet). Afterwards we were invited to the dinner party at Roseland which was possibly the best after party I’ve ever attended. No cameras were allowed so this was taken with an iPhone. Lots of dinner, lots of desserts, lots of open bar and a sweet gift bag (half of which I dropped/lost and now don’t really feel like talking about thankyouverymuch).