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Grimaldi’s 10.04.2009

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My first slice, at Gothamist HQ. Do you know they don’t have pizza boxes there, so a take-out order you have to walk all the way back like this!


The Brownces 09.29.2009

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Ben and Katie came to visit! (In October… let’s just make a new rule that the photos each day here are not going to necessarily be from the day they are posted under. It’s anarchy!)


Bar 09.23.2009

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Late night at the bar with AT.


Turning 33 09.21.2009

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Birthday party time!


Waterfront Picnic 09.20.2009

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I never take lunch breaks, so it was sort of nice to be able to when I worked on a Saturday. Picnic!


Wolf Like Me 09.18.2009

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Utz… 09.07.2009

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will always make me think of Mad Men.


Will You Vote? 09.06.2009

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Even if it’s not as exciting as the last time you were in the booth.


Progress 09.02.2009

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Here’s another place where I wait for the bus, and now accross the street they’re finally working on the new storefront for neighborhood fave Pies ‘n’ Thighs. Which I’ll never eat at because I don’t eat either of those things, but it’s nice to see things finally moving along for this place (which was forced out of their old spot last year).


New New Yorker 08.31.2009

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This was the last part of a very packed Saturday night, the night so long that I couldn’t even make it to Grizzly Bear the next day on the waterfront (ashamed). This is Jordan, who I’ve known for probably five years now, and during that time has always said he’ll move from Atlanta to NYC. I never thought it would happen, but lo and behold here he is on day 3 as a resident (albeit, he’s probably moving again in a few months).