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Team Goth 05.20.2009

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Gothamist staff happy hour at ReBar. I think our next one will include special guest Rachel Maddow. Here’s an actual quote we cut from that interview, by the way!:

“I do have to say, Gothamist is an incredible daily resource in my life, and something with which I am constantly impressed. It’s rare, and it’s something that everybody wants, which is consistency. I’m trying to produce on a daily basis, but you guys are trying to produce on a minute-by-minute basis, and to have such consistent quality and originality over this much time, and to sustain it this way, speaks really well of your management, and speaks really well of your ability to keep your eyes on the horizon as you go about your day to day work. It’s the sort of thing that, This American Life has that, and you guys have that. I really mean it, and you guys are one of the touchstones that I think about in terms of consistency of quality.”


The 1st Office Bobblehead 03.26.2009

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BHC got a present at work today! He also made a great Kenneth for Halloween last year, from what I can tell from this Facebook photo.


Dinner Bells 01.14.2009

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Thankfully, during this epically cold week, I’ve scored a couple of rides home from the office. Tonight BHC was kind enough to give me a lift in the vehicle he’s carsitting. I’m not sure why, but these drawings were on the back window. It made me think of Wolf Parade selling out to Pizza Hut, and ever since I’ve been trying to come up with a WP-sounding stuffed crust jingle (a la Of Montreal’s Outback Steakhouse disaster).


No Smurfs Were Harmed During the Making of this Coat 01.05.2009

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Billy’s new coat will keep him safe from the cold…but will it protect him from the maple syrup smell?