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Bar 09.23.2009

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Late night at the bar with AT.


Ladies Room 08.27.2009

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Even after all these years, I can still continue to be horrified by New York’s bathrooms.


Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign 07.22.2009

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smwedApparently locals are upset that this cafe/bar put a sign out front indicating who they were, ruining the totally false “speakeasy” vibe that said locals were under the impression it had. Oh silly DUMBO-ites, it never had that vibe.


Hurricanes 06.09.2009

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Pat O’briens may be a tourist spot, but the front bar is usually pretty empty, and their delicious drinks are fairly inexpensive. We tried a lot of them (that blue one on the left was, however, not good).


Godzilla vs. Bad Art 04.14.2009

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I thought this art was not very good… maybe the anarchy and hearts made it all seem very high school doodling to me. However, I sort of love the Godzilla one. Maybe he’ll destroy the rest.

PS: I love this photograph of Blondie watching Godzilla in her apartment back in the day.


Burning the Midnight Candles 02.13.2009

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Afterpartying after BAM. This was taken at The Gate in Park Slope, around 3 a.m., by AT. So technically it wasn’t taken on the 13th, nor was it taken by me (but it was my camera). New rule! Photo only has to be taken before I go to sleep.