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Piano (Wo)men 09.27.2009

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AT hosts a housewarming party (six months after moving in). This was one of the many sing-a-longs during the early part of the night.


Bar 09.23.2009

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Late night at the bar with AT.


Skipping Stones 09.15.2009

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Studio Time 08.30.2009

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Last night we stopped by the studio briefly after the backyard show in order to listen to something amazing. Also, my friend John who I’ve known since pre-school was visiting!


Upstate 08.22.2009

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Tonight me and AT took a very brief jaunt in the pouring rain up to New Paltz, which we were in for about 30 minutes, then we turned around and came back to Brooklyn. While we were there, however, we stopped by this place his band used to play way back in the day.


Phoner 08.21.2009

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AT is interviewing Craig Wedren for us (his band is influenced by Shudder to Think, so it all makes sense, you see). This is happening right now, and I have a feeling he’s going to be in there for a while.


Reunited 08.14.2009

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AT finally got his grand piano back.