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At the Chelsea 05.14.2009

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Went to someone’s apartment at the Hotel Chelsea to hear from Spencer Finch about his glass panel art project going up on the High Line. His process of photographing every minute of a long trip up and down the Hudson River was pretty interesting.


Godzilla vs. Bad Art 04.14.2009

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I thought this art was not very good… maybe the anarchy and hearts made it all seem very high school doodling to me. However, I sort of love the Godzilla one. Maybe he’ll destroy the rest.

PS: I love this photograph of Blondie watching Godzilla in her apartment back in the day.


Spirit Animals 04.05.2009

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Last night the topic of spirit animals came up (it happens). Most people seemed to be a wolf, a deduction made after filling out an internet questionaire (not like they did it in the old days). I think my spirit animal isn’t a real animal, but one that comes from a Grimm’s fairy tale. Maybe this fancy scary rabbit, or colorful deer. Maybe both. I think I relate more to these two than anything that can be found in the real world, and isn’t that the point?


One Wall 02.11.2009

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Top row: Andy Warhol print, painting I bought on eBay, photo I bought on 20×200

Middle row: painting by/birthday gift from Paula, painting by/valentine from Funlap, photo of a hymnal found in New Orleans after Katrina by Siege, photo of me and my mom

Bottom row: painting I found at MTV in Scott and Celeste’s old office


Hi, Robot 02.09.2009

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I saw this little guy on my walk to the subway after work. He sort of reminded me of an extra from *batteries not included. An evil extra.


Antlerina 02.08.2009

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My artistic friend Phillip made me this for me a few years ago. It’s actually much more colorful in real life but it’s sort of difficult to photograph because it’s made of many magical semi-transparent layers of awesomeness that deflect picture-taking powers. But you get the idea.


There’s No Place Like Home 01.25.2009

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Last year I tagged along with a couple of friend’s bands as they toured together around America. This painting was created on stage during a show in Chapel Hill, NC by one of them. I absolutely adore it, but still have to figure out the logistics of hanging eucaboard up on flimsy Brooklyn walls.