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Morning Forest 09.09.2009

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The wallpaper behind my bed. I’ve had this mural in a couple of apartments now. If I had it my way I’d put on every wall!


Simple Things 08.04.2009

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I like how when it gets dark out the reflection of the window and plant on my ceilng look like stained glass.


Apartment Envy 08.02.2009

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I love this apartment building in Williamsburg. This outside space is always kept so nice, and recently some sunflowers popped up! Here’s another view of it.


Watching Paint Swatches Dry 04.11.2009

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I really dislike white walls, but these swatches have been on this wall in the living room for about 6 months so it looks like I might be stuck with them. Ah, paintcrastination.