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Whites 09.13.2009

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We used to always go to Whites drug store to buy beach toys… it’s still there!


Montauk Now 09.12.2009

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We took a drive to find the old house I stayed at, which was sold off a while ago. I barely recognized it, it’s sad how much the new owners have let it go… and crazy to see how much that tree has grown.


Vintage Montauk 09.11.2009

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When I was younger I used to visit Montauk every year with my family and our neighbor’s, whose family owned a house there. This is me and my friend Sarah at their house that we stayed at for 16 years.


Come Hither 09.10.2009

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On September 14th I went to Montauk with AT for a 24-hour vacation. The next few posts will be from that trip, as is this ‘lil Montauk ladybug.


Morning Forest 09.09.2009

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The wallpaper behind my bed. I’ve had this mural in a couple of apartments now. If I had it my way I’d put on every wall!


myTelephone 09.08.2009

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The background wallpaper on my new iTelephone!


Utz… 09.07.2009

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will always make me think of Mad Men.