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Skipping Stones 09.15.2009

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Lobster Roll @ Gosman’s 09.14.2009

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Oh, hello lobster roll.


Whites 09.13.2009

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We used to always go to Whites drug store to buy beach toys… it’s still there!


Vintage Montauk 09.11.2009

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When I was younger I used to visit Montauk every year with my family and our neighbor’s, whose family owned a house there. This is me and my friend Sarah at their house that we stayed at for 16 years.


Come Hither 09.10.2009

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On September 14th I went to Montauk with AT for a 24-hour vacation. The next few posts will be from that trip, as is this ‘lil Montauk ladybug.


Upstate 08.22.2009

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Tonight me and AT took a very brief jaunt in the pouring rain up to New Paltz, which we were in for about 30 minutes, then we turned around and came back to Brooklyn. While we were there, however, we stopped by this place his band used to play way back in the day.


Arrival 06.11.2009

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The new JetBlue (old TWA) terminal at JFK is pretty amazing.