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Backyard Show 08.29.2009

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I did a lot of things tonight, but one of those things was see Alex and Matt play accordian and steel drum in a backyard in Ridgewood, Queens. Two songs, and twenty minutes later we were off to Manhattan (for, sadly, a much less interesting show).


Wolfe at Joe’s 08.28.2009

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Tonight I saw my friend Henry play at Joe’s Pub, a perfect venue for him! We were lucky enough to get a comfy circular booth in the corner, but it was hard to take photos during the show because I didn’t want to use flash and I don’t have much of a zoom. So here’s the aftershow afterglow.


Accordion in Hand 06.14.2009

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Since I missed the beach performance earlier in the day, AT played me some accordion tonight.


Somewhere Between Gamehenge and Montreal… 04.16.2009

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It was hard to choose a photo for today because I saw some really weird things tonight! It all started with an 85-minute aural and visual interpretation of Trey Anastasio’s college thesis, Gamehenge, at Monkeytown. Then I headed to The Albertans at Cameo (that wasn’t really weird, just visually interesting with a strange ceiling centerpiece that hung above the band and mesmerized me). After that I went to Of Montreal, just a block away at Music Hall of Williamsburg. There were feathers, and tigers and strange visuals (oh my my my).

This photo is of The Albertans drummer. The wood paneling and suspenders made me feel so old timey!


Oh Happy Day 03.24.2009

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Instead of getting all nostalgic, I’m going to go ahead and say this: I’m kind of worried about seeing Phish again. Not because of the band or music (albeit my tastes have slightly changed since selling hand blown glass and hemp), but it’s been a long time, and even towards the end I was getting really annoyed with the fans at the shows. A huge reunion tour like this, so many years in the making, at a concert on Long Island—there are going to be a lot of Frats and a lot of Family (aka the fans who refer to the people at these shows as their family/phamily). I’m just a little nervous (but optimistic).


Dinner Bells 01.14.2009

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Thankfully, during this epically cold week, I’ve scored a couple of rides home from the office. Tonight BHC was kind enough to give me a lift in the vehicle he’s carsitting. I’m not sure why, but these drawings were on the back window. It made me think of Wolf Parade selling out to Pizza Hut, and ever since I’ve been trying to come up with a WP-sounding stuffed crust jingle (a la Of Montreal’s Outback Steakhouse disaster).