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Nivea Nostalgia 10.02.2009

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These big tins of Nivea used to be all over my house growing up, my mom swore by the stuff. I still buy them today.


Fall in Ziploc 10.01.2009

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The aforementioned leaves, as delivered.


Say Cheese 09.19.2009

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Sometimes (all the time) people tell me I don’t smile enough. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people say that, so I thought I’d practice to shut them up.


Et Tu, Sigg? 09.16.2009

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JDS was not pleased to find out his precious Radioheadd Sigg bottle probably contains the dreaded BPA. Could those same chemicals be responsible for Thom Yorke’s midlife crisis (joining a supergroup with Flea, deejaying in LA, etc)? Probably.


Montauk Now 09.12.2009

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We took a drive to find the old house I stayed at, which was sold off a while ago. I barely recognized it, it’s sad how much the new owners have let it go… and crazy to see how much that tree has grown.


Morning Forest 09.09.2009

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The wallpaper behind my bed. I’ve had this mural in a couple of apartments now. If I had it my way I’d put on every wall!


myTelephone 09.08.2009

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The background wallpaper on my new iTelephone!