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The Brownces 09.29.2009

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Ben and Katie came to visit! (In October… let’s just make a new rule that the photos each day here are not going to necessarily be from the day they are posted under. It’s anarchy!)


Inked 09.22.2009

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Amrit got a pretty sweet new tattoo!


Turning 33 09.21.2009

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Birthday party time!


Post-Show Pattern 09.04.2009

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Pattern is Movement opened for Shudder to Think Wednesday night, and here we are with Andrew in the cute little alcoves they offer bands as backstages. I think this may be one of the first times I’ve seen Andrew drink? Somehow? I don’t know.


New New Yorker 08.31.2009

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This was the last part of a very packed Saturday night, the night so long that I couldn’t even make it to Grizzly Bear the next day on the waterfront (ashamed). This is Jordan, who I’ve known for probably five years now, and during that time has always said he’ll move from Atlanta to NYC. I never thought it would happen, but lo and behold here he is on day 3 as a resident (albeit, he’s probably moving again in a few months).


Backyard Show 08.29.2009

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I did a lot of things tonight, but one of those things was see Alex and Matt play accordian and steel drum in a backyard in Ridgewood, Queens. Two songs, and twenty minutes later we were off to Manhattan (for, sadly, a much less interesting show).


The Birthday Girl… 08.20.2009

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…making wishes.