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Bitte Björka 05.08.2009

Filed under: out and about — Jen C @ 11:59 PM


Friday night I was lucky enough to go to Housing Works bookstore for an intimate concert with Björk and Dirty Projectors. Here are some friends in the balcony section, where there was plenty of free booze, not much food to absorb that free booze, but plenty of no air conditioning to sweat it out before getting too drunk. Following the show, a few of us got to head to the penthouse suite of Cooper Square Hotel for an after party. Björk deejayed and danced, the vodka poured freely, for some reason Haley Joel Osment was there, and probably the most amazing thing was the balcony area, which is a recipe for vertigo. Kind of an amazing night.

Of course, I only took like three photos the entire time, but here is one that I didn’t take at the afterparty. It’s of Björk, my friend Amrit, and Dave Longstreth deejaying—and I’m pretty sure this was seconds before B hit A in the head when D started playing a certain song.

PS: Please buy the new Dirty Projectors album, Bitte Orca, when it comes out. It is beautiful and here is why.


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