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This Tree Had Nothing To Do With My Day 04.25.2009

Filed under: out and about — Jen C @ 11:59 PM


Today I went to see Marshall Curry‘s amazing documentary Racing Dreams at Tribeca Film Fest (I highly recommend you take this one in sometime as well). Since the weather was more California than New York, the scene looked pretty Hollywood outside. Shades, sundresses, the Roc, a red carpet. That’s what LA is like, right? It was the kind of bright outside that just made everything seem not quite real.

At the afterparty I met Brandon, my favorite kid from the movie, and told him he was awesome, inspiring and has more wisdom than someone twice his age (me). It is all true.

The rest of the night was spent far from the fest, in Brooklyn, on the end of a straw sipping sangria. Outdoors, naturally. So you may be wondering, why is there just a photo of this budding tree branch. Well, I forgot to take pictures of everything else. A documentarian, I am not.


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