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Special Delivery 03.03.2009

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My friend Chris sent me these Girl Scout cookies today, along with a Bad Veins tote bag and some of her postcards (that you can buy at Etsy). The cookies (minus a couple) will be getting a new home tomorrow (these things are way too addictive).

Fun facts: When I was a Girl Scout in the 80s, the boxes looked like this! And in 1935 the NYC Girl Scouts were the first to put the words “Girl Scout Cookies” on the boxes.


2 Responses to “Special Delivery”

  1. chris Says:

    I’m glad they made it! The lemonades are my new favorite (mostly because I ate too many of the other kinds last year) so I added them to your requests so I would have one less box to eat and I could share the goodness. I’m glad to see those were opened first.

  2. Jen C Says:

    I had to have one (three) since I had never tried them before! Yummy!

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