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Back to the Ball 02.12.2009

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I can’t really get into details right now because it would be a huge time suck, but let’s just say back in 1996 I took a few days off work from Subway sandwich shop in Burlington, VT (the one next to Nectar’s) and sailed across Lake Champlain to attend Phish’s Clifford Ball. Somehow we camped out in the Friends & Family section, which was pretty sweet, and I had such an amazing time that upon my return I hand illustrated and wrote a short story about the experience. I bound each book in hemp, and gave a copy to everyone I went with.

So as you can imagine, when I opened my mail at work today and found this, I was pretty excited to experience it all over again as an old lady. (Now I just need a DVD player, and a giant movie screen.)


One Response to “Back to the Ball”

  1. jenna Says:

    ohmygod That is so amazing! I want to see a copy of that book this summer! Brings me back…

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