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Hello, Elmo 01.16.2009

Filed under: family — Jen C @ 1:30 PM


Not too long ago I got to visit Sesame Streetfinally! I don’t really know what could possibly top that, but my inner child is telling me spending some time at Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World might just be a tie. Anyway, while I was there Elmo was kind enough to videotape a greeting to my little neice Olivia. I’m not sure if she really knows who he is yet, so I just bought her this Elmo doll at the store for her 2nd birthday, which is right around the corner. Maybe I’ll give it to her early when I see her tomorrow…or maybe he’ll live at my desk for a little while longer.


One Response to “Hello, Elmo”

  1. The Brother Says:

    This is now Olivia’s FAVORITE doll…she calls him either “elmo” or “monster” and she tucks him in to sleep every night. In Vermont just the other day, she slept with him in the crib and carted him around in his “stroller” all day long….”where’d Monster go?”

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