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Grimaldi’s 10.04.2009

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My first slice, at Gothamist HQ. Do you know they don’t have pizza boxes there, so a take-out order you have to walk all the way back like this!


Sunnyflowers 10.03.2009

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Always cheer me up.


Nivea Nostalgia 10.02.2009

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These big tins of Nivea used to be all over my house growing up, my mom swore by the stuff. I still buy them today.


Fall in Ziploc 10.01.2009

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The aforementioned leaves, as delivered.


Fall Foliage 09.30.2009

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JBK gave me these leaves from the Catskills, so now I’m preserving Fall on my window for as long as possible.


The Brownces 09.29.2009

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Ben and Katie came to visit! (In October… let’s just make a new rule that the photos each day here are not going to necessarily be from the day they are posted under. It’s anarchy!)


Vegan Treats 09.28.2009

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The Vegan Treats folk brought Gothamist some… vegan treats! They were delicious.